JustVfx is the unique visual effects studio delivering work with high quality and fast turnaround and running successfully satisfying all clients. We specialized in doing any kind of roto (experts in motion blur, fur, hair), prep & paint(experts in beautification, wire cleanups, reflection cleanups), and Matchmove – Rotoanim.

We are vendors for many world-class VFX studios and we have been appreciated by clients for our works. We cater services for TV series, Commercials, and Feature Films. Artists at JustVfx are highly skilled, creative, and passionate.


We follow unique work process in handling our projects for deliver better output within in stipulated time


Bid Approval

Footage Upload

Work Starts

Final Output

Client Approved & Invoice

Our Services

At Justvfx we provide wide range of post-production services including rotoscoping, paint, matchmove, composting.

  • VFX Roto
  • Hard & Motion Blur mattes
  • Stereo Roto
  • Nuke / Silhouette Splines
  • Green Screen Extraction
  • Rig/Wire/Object/Marker Removals
  • Clean Plate Generation
  • Recreation of Missing Objects
  • Beauty cleanups
  • Reflections cleanups
  • Object Tracking
  • Camera Tracking
  • Body Tracking

Bringing the different elements together in one single final composite.

  • Subtitling
  • Video editing
  • Audio color graddimg
  • Digital up-scalling

Our Works

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Satish Vadlakonda


Kiran Matta

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Subhajit S Sarkar

Executive Producer

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